Your Website Goals are Important

We discuss about redesigning a company website usually when someone points out traffic is down, conversions are weak, or just that the design looks outdated. You aren not attracting the customers, prospects you need to be successful, and your company agrees it’s time for a change.

There are a million things you could to to get it up to date. So where do you start? How do you act based on what is most important to your business or institution?

It all basically starts with goals. Setting the right goals for your website

There are a variety of business goals for most websites that you use. Typical goals for a website might include focusing on:

  • Brand identity
  • eCommerce
  • Advertising
  • Attract customers
  • Customer retention
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Raise money
  • Employee retention & satisfaction
  • Content or brochure sites
  • Customer portals (for example, banking or financial services)

Although you can have multiple business goals for your website, prioritizing a limited number will help focus the redesign process on achieving your desired outcomes.

To see which goals should be your top priority, answer these three questions:

  • What business are you in?
  • What are the main goals for your company, school, institution, etc?
  • What does your website need to do to support your business?

Based on the above, answers, we could see that attracting new customers is the first business goal, and to meet it, our website should clearly communicate the value of our offering and help visitors make the decision to connect with us. If we can’t answer the first question, it’s hard to know what to do to achieve in the second, or think about strategies for doing so with our website.

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